Stoughton Lease

Used Trailer Sales

  • Stoughton Lease locations have access to a large number of used semi trailers for sale through trade-in packages from Stoughton Trailers, LLC.
  • Purchasing a trailer from the fleet of Stoughton Lease provides you with a high quality, high specification trailer.
  • Chances are the trailer you purchase out of the Stoughton Lease fleet has only run a percentage of time and miles, with half of the stress, use and pounding than a trailer of the same year and model has been though in its life on the road.
  • All used trailers are FHWA and ready to roll.
  • We have a wide variety of specifications to choose from.
  • We will also buy your used trailers.
  • Trade in options on new trailers are available.


Stoughton Lease a great choice for the purchase of used trailers. We have a large selection of quality well maintained trailers. We have access to various trade packages, or make a selection from our current fleet of low mileage low usage rental trailers.

Check Back!

Used trailers will be available for purchase soon...